Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

[Download] Nuance PDF Converter Professional v7.2

Dari berbagai tool yang ada buat urusan convert atau edit file pdf, ini yang paling cocok / bagus menurut Saya, coba saja dan bandingkan dengan yg lain hasilnya buat ngerjain berbagai macam2 isi file
pdfnya (text, tabel dan graphics) sayang lumayan gede sizenya.

Berikut deskripsinya:

Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7 - is a powerful intelligent software format PDF, which allows users to create, convert, edit, convert, merge and split files to PDF. From the list of possibilities can be seen that the program contains all-in-one, and it can replace a number of other programs: PdfFactory, software from VeryPDF, Solid Converter and Nitro PDF.

Key features:
• A complete solution for working with pdf files. Creating pdf files, forms, converting from various formats and full editing.
• Create pdf documents into compliance with versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and ISO PDF / A.
• Accurate conversion of pdf documents in the format M $ Word, Excel and PowerPoint with preservation of the initial formatting.
• Full editing of pdf files: Organization of pages, bookmarks, text editing, image scaling, adding comments and watermarks.
• Working with forms. Design and create fillable forms, as well as accurate conversion of documents in Word. Saving the result after filling.
• Security and control. Encryption and grant permissions for viewing, editing and printing documents.
• Commenting. A complete set of formatting tools for highlighting the importance of the document, including Sticky notes. Also, parallel print comments with the main document.
• A single document from various documents. Combining graphics (jpg, tiff), documents (M $ Word, WordPerfect), web pages (html) into a single, readable document.
• Reading the pdf documents with the ability to maintain a separate file.
• Work with new formats ISO PDF / A ensures that your document can be read and printed

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